Offshore Incorporation

With Pioneer Payments you can rely on a wealth of experience in identifying reliable services to provide company formation, bank account opening, nominee services, office/secretarial services, and more — whether your needs are meeting card industry requirements for accepting credit cards in that jurisdiction, asset protection, or legal tax reduction. Contact us now.


Many merchant account solutions use acquiring banks in the European region. Card industry associations require merchants to be from the same region as the bank they are using for accepting credit cards.

Pioneer Payments can refer you to services providing services in the European region, in business-friendly jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and Cyprus. Depending on your particular needs these services can set up bank accounts and nominee resident officers at a highly competitive rate, quickly and efficiently. Contact us now.


Just a few years ago, the option to run an offshore business was only available to the select few, and it’s no surprise that many Fortune 500 companies are incorporated offshore. Today, you can run your international business legally and efficiently from an offshore jurisdiction, benefit and protect yourself and your assets. The main advantages of having an offshore corporation are asset protection (e.g. against lawsuit judgments), personal privacy (e.g. from intrusive ex-partners or the competition), informational confidentiality of your business activities, legal tax reduction, and low operation costs.

We refer you to services in offshore jurisdictions such as Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Mauritius. These jurisdictions can enable you and your business to conduct all banking activities in complete privacy. Contact us now.